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We may use cookies, beacons, and other technologies within certain areas of the service.

A cookie is a small file that stores information on a computer, TV, mobile phone, or other device. Place a cookie on your device to identify you on different websites, services, devices, or browsing sessions. Cookies have many uses, such as:

Cookies remember your login credentials so you don't have to enter them every time you log in to the service.

Cookies help us see which pages and features you are accessing and how much time is spent on those pages. By understanding this information, we can improve our services more effectively and provide you with a better experience.

Cookies help us understand which ads you watch, so you won’t receive the same ads each time you access the service.

Cookies help us provide relevant content and advertising by collecting information about your use of our services and other websites and applications.

If you use a web browser to access the service, you can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify you when you send a cookie. Each browser is different, so check your browser's Help menu to learn how to change your cookie preferences. Also, your device's operating system may contain additional cookie controls.

However, please note that some services may be designed to work with cookies, and disabling cookies may affect your ability to use these services or some of them.

By accessing and using our services, you consent to the storage of cookies, other local storage technologies, beacons and other information on your device; consent to such cookies, local storage technologies, beacons and information being accessed by us and such third parties.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

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