Unleash Your Creativity: Join the Exciting benco S1 Pro TikTok Challenge to Win the Phone!

Are you ready to showcase your creativity and talents on TikTok? The exciting benco S1 Pro TikTok Challenge is for you! benco Nepal is launching a TikTok challenge in August, and the top three winners of this challenge will win the amazing benco S1 Pro mobile phone. In this article, I will walk you through all the details and steps to take part in this creative benco S1 Pro TikTok challenge. Let's spark some creativity and have fun!

benco S1 Pro TikTok Challenge: Three Simple Steps

The benco S1 Pro TikTok Challenge is a great opportunity to make fun, engaging videos using TikTok's features. Taking part in this challenge requires three easy steps:

- Step 1Create TikTok Magic with "Hera Na" and benco S1 Pro AI Filter

Make an appealing TikTok video using famous Nepali singer Subani Moktan's hit song "Hera Na." Start your creative journey with infectious beats and the benco S1 Pro AI Filter on TikTok. Let the music guide your imagination and express yourself through dance, lip-syncing, or any other form of expression that resonates with the rhythm.

- Step 2Infuse Your Video with benco S1 Pro Vibes

After making a beautiful video, please don't forget to add the following hashtags so that we won't miss your video:




Adding hashtags related to benco S1 Pro lets us find your TikTok videos faster and more accurately. These hashtags are also one of the criteria we use to measure the top-three winners!

- Step 3: Join the benco Nepal Social Media Community

Please follow benco Nepal on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Following benco keeps you informed about the challenge details and the latest update. If there are any related activities in the future or the latest information about benco, you can also get information the first time. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and act now!

Tips for Creating Engaging benco S1 Pro TikTok Challenge Videos

Some people might feel concerned that they've never created a TikTok video or aren't sure what to record. No need to worry! The following shooting tips can assist you in meticulously crafting your benco S1 Pro TikTok Challenge Videos.

1. Collaborate with Friends: Don't know what to shoot alone? Why not gather with friends or even a larger group of people? Using Subani Moktan's popular song "Hera Na," collaborating with friends for filming can introduce a delightful element.

2. Lip-sync videos :Lip-syncing to the song "Hera Na" is also a very popular choice.

3. Vlogs: To showcase your wonderful life, you can create videos documenting daily activities, enhanced with the benco S1 Pro AI Filter on TikTok.

4. Dance, Comedy, Challenges: Try out some dance moves, comedy sketches, or compelling challenges to showcase your unique style and personality.

What do you know about benco S1 Pro?

Once you complete the steps above, you are closer to winning the benco S1 Pro! With its cutting-edge 64MP AI triple rear camera technology, powerful memory and storage capacity of up to 256GB, 33W fast charging, and enhanced biometric security with a newly added fingerprint sensor, benco S1 Pro is designed to provide superior user experiences. This advanced smartphone enables users to capture stunning photos and videos, enjoy smooth performance, stay charged on the go, and keep users' data safe anytime, anywhere. For those seeking an innovative device to boost productivity and creativity, the benco S1 Pro is the ideal choice that satisfies all requirements.