Terms and Conditions of benco Smartphone International Warranty Service in GCC (excluding Saudi Arabia)

Starting from December 1, 2023, we are delighted to announce that end users who purchase benco S1 series & V91 series from benco authorized channels in GCC (excluding Saudi Arabia) will enjoy benco’s International Warranty Service.

Consumers within service scope will receive:

benco smartphone International Warranty Service in addition to consumer rights granted by applicable local law.  All consumers in the GCC (excluding Saudi Arabia) will obtain the following business commitments free of charge in accordance with the terms published at https://www.bencomobile.com/default.html.

Scope of application

Starting from December 1, 2023, consumers who purchase benco S1 series/V91 series ("Product") from any official sales or authorized channel (online or offline) of GCC (excluding Saudi Arabia) and activate the product locally or even elsewhere will be eligible to enjoy benco smartphone International Warranty Service at authorized benco service centers. 

The period of benco smartphone International Warranty Service is calculated within 12 months from the date of purchase.

The benco service acceptance location is the designated service center where the service is provided. Within the scope of the local warranty policy and based on the actual situation of local spare parts materials and service capabilities, we will provide users with international joint warranty services to ensure that the device can be used normally.

Table 1. benco Smartphone International Warranty Designated Service Acceptance Countries





Service contents supported by benco smartphone International Warranty Service:

1. Warranty service: Consumers need to provide a valid purchase certificate and warranty card. After being tested and confirmed by the benco authorized service center to meet the warranty conditions, they can enjoy free warranty service. Warranty determination rules and results are subject to the local service center.

2. Out-of-warranty repair service: For device that has expired warranty or is not covered by the warranty, damaged spare parts can be replaced at a local benco authorized service center for a fee. The price of spare parts and labor costs are subject to the benco authorized service center at the place of acceptance. Supported out-of-warranty repair spare parts include motherboards, screens, batteries, battery covers and other parts.

Please note that the appearance/function of your smartphone/repair materials may vary depending on the service provided in different countries. The process and results of this service may result in differences in the appearance and functionality of the smartphone/repair materials. Since the laws of the place of acceptance may have some differences from the legal requirements of the place of purchase. benco can only ensure that the services provided comply with the applicable material safety and quality standards of smartphone products/repairs of the place of acceptance.


This business commitment does not apply to the following situations:

1) The benco smartphone International Warranty Service only supports the repair of designated models in covered countries and does not involve the return of smartphones, nor the replacement and return of smartphones. For other services, please refer to the actual situation in the place of acceptance. They will be subject to the location where the service is provided, and the rules of the place of acceptance shall prevail.

2) Consumers need to obtain relevant information and authorize the benco service center, and sign the handover form and instructions. Otherwise, the benco service center has the right to refuse to provide services.

3) For mobile phones purchased through unofficial channels, service centers have the right to refuse to provide service. Please purchase device through official channels recognized by benco.

In addition, this business commitment will not apply to the following situations:

1) Smartphone models that are not covered by benco’s international smartphone warranty service.

2) Smartphones sold and launched in countries outside the GCC (excluding Saudi Arabia).

3) Smartphones sold through unofficial channels in GCC (excluding Saudi Arabia) countries.

4) Any modification, disassembly or repair of the phone without the authorization of benco.

5) Smartphones that exceed the service time and maintenance time limits indicated at the service location.

6) The consumer only asks for a refund or replacement.

7) The consumer refused to sign the benco Smartphone International Warranty Service Statement.

8) The device cannot be used due to cross-region rather than device failure (for example, other regional network standards are not supported, the network cannot be accessed, etc.).

9) Beyond the scope of service center service policy.

Nothing in this commercial commitment shall limit consumers' rights under applicable law.