benco Mobile Price Creates Sensation with V90

benco is a mobiles and accessories brand attached to INONE Technology. With the vision of becoming the most preferred mobile terminal brand, benco remains popular with the younger demographic by virtue of its quality, personalization, fun, as well as affordable benco mobile price. Since the foundation of benco, we are committed to providing accessible qualified mobile phones at an affordable price for our customers. The claim is reflected evidently in our V series, such as the newly launched benco V90.

As an epitome of favorable benco mobile price, benco V90 is a phone you would not want to miss for the following features:

Large screen display

Equipped with a 6.82 inches HD+ display, the benco V90 will provide a visual treat.

While two different screen sizes can have the same resolution, modern, wider monitors often display more pixels than their smaller counterparts. More pixels mean that the image will be sharper, and you will be able to see what you are working on more clearly.

Triple rear cameras with AI features

benco V90 features a 16MP AI triple rear camera with AI features.

These advanced cameras help to save time by smartly performing the requisite image processing/enhancement in real-time, which would otherwise require hours of toiling with the image on commercial-grade image editing software. 

Large memory

benco v90 with 7 RAM of memory (with 3GB virtual RAM) supports a faster and smoother operating experience.

RAM is essentially the core of your mobile. With a large amount of RAM, the performance of your phone and the ability to support various types of software is optimized. Your phone's overall performance is greatly influenced by its memory. The more memory your phone can use, the easier it will work, resulting in a faster phone. If your phone doesn't have enough memory, your phone will have to work harder to transfer data, which will seriously damage your phone's performance.

Random access memory also helps your system cope with supporting software. Every piece of software needs a minimum amount of space and memory to run smoothly. However, it will move slowly if your phone fails to have enough memory to support all the software systems you are running or trying to run. In addition, if there is enough storage space, the software may run smoothly.

RAM is key to how your mobile functions: if one storage location out of a million is damaged, your entire system can crash.

Smooth Android 12 system

Android 12 offers a more personal, secure, and effortless experience on your device. With Android 12, benco V90 has a completely redesigned user interface and new privacy features for your security, giving you more seamless ways to get straight into your games or even switch to a new device.

Gorgeous design

In addition to the high-performance capabilities mentioned above, the stunning form factor of the benco V90 make it stand out from the crowd of other phones in its price range.

With a perfect aspect ratio of 20.5:9, smooth lines, and a slim body, the benco V90 frees up your hands for one-handed operation. At the same time, the back cover of the benco V90 offers a wide range of options to suit the individual needs of different people: pure and clear sky blue, fresh and natural wild green, and hazy and charming fog grey.

Pick up your favorite color now!

Large battery

What should not be overlooked is that benco V90 applies a 5000mAh massive battery.

Nomophobia arises when you are plagued by a device with poor battery life and get very worried. Choosing a phone with a large battery capacity is undoubtedly the most straightforward solution. If your phone battery is up to 5000mAh, you can use it for 19 days of standby time. Therefore, it means having fewer worries about charging and the phobia that comes with low-frequency power. Especially, the benco V90 adopts a type-c port for a convenient charge.

benco V90 - best cheap smartphone in India

With all these features, the benco V90 is absolutely the best cheap smartphone in India. For less than 9,000 INR, you can have the "perfect" phone with a great look, a huge screen, and a long battery life.

What are you waiting for? Grab this new phone and benefit from a better mobile experience!